Tingari Cycle by Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
AUD 11000

Tingari  Cycle
90 cm x 151 cm
Acrylic on linen

Tingari Cycle

During the Tjukurrpa (Creation Era), Tingari ancestors gathered at a series of sites for Malliera (Initiation) Ceremonies. They travelled vast stretches of the country, performing rituals at specific sites that in turn created the diverse natural features of the environment. The Tingari men were accompanied by novices and usually followed by Tingari Women. The creation stories and rituals are venerated in the song cycles and ceremonies of today, forming part of the teachings of the post initiatory youths, whilst also providing explanations for contemporary customs.

In painting Tingari Cycle, the artist is depicting the song cycle associated with the artist's many dreaming sites and show the locations of significant rockholes, sandhills, sacred mountains and water soakages in the Gibson Desert.

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